Jamshedpur Plus Entertainment – A new Milestone

Hi, Greeting from Jamshedpurtainment

Just one year back when we had started this local magzine we never thought of any goal, success or anything. It just that we wanted to connect to our people more n more, the people who are here the people who live abroad the people who are away from their hometown and yes we wanted people to always keep in touch and love with their motherland hometown Jamshedpur and we are glad we succeeded to achive that trust from you. Thank you !

Thank you for being the very first subscriber of Jamshedpurtainment and showing the trust in us that we will give you the pure and quality content from the steel city.


In this one year we worked 7 days in the week and almost 24 hours in a day not to earn but for the city we love for the people who wanted every update from the city and we are proud to our team that we have served you the best in every possible ways.

Before concluding to this article i would request you to forward or share this post to all your friends, family and loved one via email/facebook/twitter/whatsapp/Wordpress so that they also be a part of this wonderful family.

Also i am glad to announce that after the overwhelming response to this first E magzine of the steel city, We are going Official and this wonderful blog is on the way to becoming jamshedpurtainment.com , Kindly give your blessings in Comment box, it motivates us.

Your Faithfully,
Manoj Nag

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