​5 things you think its cool but “its not”

1. Accessing/Borrowing your friend’s things

Girl putting you in friendzone may hurt you but your friendship is somthing you always took for granted, we are more comfortable expressing our every thought with friends than the family and i feel we misuse this comfort zone often. To us A friend is someone who help us in every situation and trust me thats not everything about a friendship, we are so close to our friends we often borrow their personal stuffs for our sake from mobile,laptop to bike but Yes Thats really not cool, may be if He or she is not complaining you then  it just that you may feel bad. They are human they also have need and their mobile also need charger when you need them 😉 so make sure you Access/borrow their things after their permission and i am sure they wont have any problem. 😉

2. Ask your gf to pay the bill

Those days have been over when people use to say you ‘Ladka hokar ladki se kharcha karwata hai sharam nahi aati?” Haha now we belive in gender equality and we invented a term call ‘Share the Bill’ ☺ but do you reallly belive in this? Or may be there are many who thinks asking your CHICK to pay the bills make them COOL, these are the people after who they crack jokes in their friend cirlcle that ‘Bhai main to apni bandi se hi kharcha karwata hu’ But dude let me tell you this is really not cool, so stop acting a kid and grow up!

3. Attending Function/Parties without invitation

In amir’s movie 3  idiots we saw how farhan raju and rancho attend to a unknown wedding reception as they were starving also  we saw Ranbir singh doing somthing like this in BBB and as i feel cinema teaches us a thousand of things and no wonder if you also think yourself a cool dude doing the same thing in unkown parties But i think its the right time to grow up, We livenin a society where people know us by our family and whatever we do for our sake also goes to our family so imagin the day when you get married you are a successful entrepreneur and your Padosi talk about you that ‘ bachpan me bahut badmashi karta tha ek baar to bin bulaye hamari party me apne dosto ke sath ghus gya tha but hamain pata tha yeh ladka honhaar hai aur ek din kuch kar dikhayega’ lolz Face palm :p

4. Use of slangs unnecessarily

Today No one wants to become APJ kalam or rabindranath tagore becuse everyone wants to be a Roadie 😉 i often see young people chanting Maa bahan ki gaalis in Chai dukaans i know they come from a very rich and good family background but its not their fault. If you also think holding cigrate in one hand and shouting maa bahan ki gaalis to your friend while having fun will make you cool then you are right, yes right for your friends becuse its only  your friends who think it may be cool but not for the people you are surrounded. So be decent be cool.

5. Asking Whatsapp number from a girl
“Hi apko facebook pe dekha tha waise apka whatsapp number kya hai” We live in 21st century and its okay to girl having boyfriends and boys hanging out with their girl til midnight becuse parents have become friends nowdays and they want a lotof transparacy in parent-son relation, but the common idiotic thing done by the most of the boys is asking a unkown girl her whatsapp number. Guys its not less than asking her personal number as whatsapp has become more personal so it wont make you COOLER when you ask it from her so if you dont know her stop asking her number or you will be called only a stalker. So agli baar ladkiyon ki salary puch lena par whatsapp number nahi;)


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