History of famous Telco Bhuvaneshwari Temple | Jamshedpur

Swami Ranga Rajan Ji Maharaj the founder Acharya of Bhuvaneshwari Peeth Jamshedpur, was born on 10th October 1929 in Jamshedpur in a deeply religious and a vedic family. At that time, his father was employed in Tata Steel as a Chief of Electrical Department. But Swami Ji acquired his initial schooling and education at his grandparents place in Srirangam (a famous holy town in Tamilnadu, close to Trichy). Sri Rangarajan ji was deeply influenced by his grandfather in his early days. It is from him that Guruji learnt the basics of astrology and other aspects of Sanatan Hindu Dharma.
In the year 1953, at the age of 23 Swami Ranga Rajan Ji was appointed in Tata Motors in the auto division. From the early days of his youth , Swami ji had a spiritual bent of mind and was in association of great saints, philosophers and spiritual masters. In the later part of his married life Swamiji developed a special reverence for the shakti cult and devoted his time in the upasna of Adhishakti Maa Bhuvaneshwari.  

In the year 18th July 1975, Adhishakti Mata Bhuvaneshwari appeared in the dream of Swamiji and instructed him to establish the Bhuvaneshwari Peetam and temple, on a hill in a place close to his residence. As per Devi Maas Instructions the place will have a natural Swayambu Shivlingam with the natural face of Lord Ganesha on it. This swambhu Shivlingam was the basis of selecting Bhuvangiri Hills as the abode of Maa Bhuvaneshwari. 

Devi further instructed Swamiji to approach a particular Palm Leaf astrologer in Cuddalore ( a small coastal town in Tamil Nadu close to Pondicherry) to receive further details and Guidance for establishing Adhishakti Mata Bhuvaneshwari Peetham in Jamshedpur. This dream changed the life of Swamiji once for all, as he also received darshan of devi Maa in her Virat Universal form.  

Through this palm leaf astrology, Swamiji received , miraculous and meticulous details related to different aspects of temple constructions like ( Name of the sculptors,t heir home town exact location where the Temple had to be constructed). Through all these divine aspects we get to know that Adishakit Maa Bhuvaneshwari has herself manifested on Bhuvangiri hills through Swami Ranga Rajan Ji to bless all of us.  Later on shri Ranga Rajan Ji travelled the length and breadthof the country to holly places and received blessing of Great Saints and Siddhiyogis. Swamiji also performed special Mantra Sadhna of Devi Maa on Bhuvangiri Hills to receive Maa’s Blessings. In the year 1976 Swamiji Voluntarily resigned from Tata Motors and dedicated his life in the service of Devi Maa.

On 11th October 1976 the idols of Maa Bhuvaneshwari, Lord Ganesh, Lord Karthik               and  Sri Yantram were brought to Jamshedpur and installed at Swamijis residence in Telco Colony.

On 26th January 1978 The Foundation Stone for the temple construction and Bhoomi Pujan was performed in the presence of swami Ranga Rajan Ji with Mr. Sarosh J Ghandy  the then Resident Director of Telco as its Chief Guest.


For 7 years from 1976 to 1983 Swamiji performed puja of Devi Maa at his residence. On 24th July 1983 idols of Maa Bhuvaneshwari were shifted and installed on Bhuvangiri Hills. Swami Ranga Rajan Ji was not only a great devotee of maa but was also a great astrologer. His Special Devotion to Devi Maa gave him special siddhis and spiritual powers. Thousands of devotees be it rich , poor, officers and industrialists came to him for spiritual healing. The temple construction work which started in 1987 was completed in the year 1990. The first temple prathistha puja was performed in the same year. Today Bhuvaneshwari Peeth, Jamshedpur is one of the most important devi Shrines of Jharkhand.

It is one of those divine places which devi maa herself has selected to appear through Guruji shri Ranga Rajan ji to bless all her Devotees. Lakhs of people have received the special devine blessings, spiritual Happiness and satisfaction by the grace of devi maa Bhuvaneshwari . As bhuvangiri hill is an abode of faith, where devotees received the blessing of Devi Maa and compassion of Brahmaleen Swami Ranga Rajan Ji. 

Swamiji left this temporary world on 24th June 2007, but his presence can always be felt on Bhuvangiri Hills by his followers and disciples. As this was his karma bhumi where..he..obediently followed the instructions of Devi Maa to establish her temple.

3 thoughts on “History of famous Telco Bhuvaneshwari Temple | Jamshedpur

  1. The word infamous means “well known for some bad quality or deed” Please change the title from Infamous Telco Bhuvaneshari to Famous Telco Bhuvaneshari because the temple is not a bad place.


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