If You’re Dating a Jamshedpurian, Here’re 10 Reasons Why You Should Never let them go…

We are at a stone’s throw away from The Valentine’s Day… So we give you reasons to feel special, especially if your beloved is from Jamshedpur. Read along…

  1. Loyalty flows in their bloodline.1The citizens are all a part of a more than 100 years legacy of Tata Steel and have given their generations, serving for this great corporation. They’ve learnt the notions of loyalty from their forefathers!
  2. They are liberal, accepting and most progressive individuals.2They’ve grown up in the most diverse culture and have friends from all regions & religions.
  3. They possess a rare charm that will fascinate you every time you’re with them3
  4. They’re all passionate… Just ask them about their city and you’ll see their eyes gleam with passionate love for their city. They possess same Love for you!4
  5. They are most multi-faceted individuals… Be it sports, academics, performing arts or public speaking. They’ll always be better!Ranbir Kapoor in the still from movie Rockstar shown to user
  6. Be it Ganesh Puja in Mumbai or Durga Puja in Kolkata… A Jamshedpurian has celebrated it all with equal zest! You just can’t miss their company during any festive celebration.6
  7. They are super-confident (not over) about almost everything. They’ll surely accept when they don’t know something and will make sure to research and learn it to perfection.7
  8. They’ll never say No to Food! They’re always in “FOOD MOOD”8
  9. They’ve got an amazing sense of fashion. They can don a Dhoti-Kurta with the same flair as a suit.9
  10. They never shy away from an intellectual conversation and will guide you with a wisdom that comes from their connect with this incredible city known as “Jamshedpur”10While some plan to make this Valentine’s special for their beloved, some still await the arrival of the significant one in their life. Now you know where to look for them! 😉

Written and compiled by – Anurag Pandey

10 thoughts on “If You’re Dating a Jamshedpurian, Here’re 10 Reasons Why You Should Never let them go…

  1. Very nice effort for this site. Best Compliments for the people behind the effort.

    Education and community feeling and simplicity are at it’s best in this city. I have spent 35 memorable years in this city and find it hard to *feel at home* anywhere else.

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  2. Yes i married a jjamshedpurian and this has made me famous in the educational field and i am still influencing students yes i love jamshedpur

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  3. Being a jsrian myself i can relate these things to my life.. and agree to most of them.. one thing that all jsrians should have is respecting other individuals be it a girl or a boy.. men or women.. and must stop using slangs.. will i help me convey this message to all our fellow jsr-ians

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s a human nature, nothing special. No one can stop them from abusing, and respects are the individual factors. Everyone start respecting boy/girl when the crosses there college life and a huge responsibility is awaiting them. 😀

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