Jamshedpur to become India’s first zero seweage discharge city

In a year’s time, Jamshedpur will become India’s first city to become a zero sewerage discharge city, says an India Times report. Zero water discharge, usually referred as Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), is an innovative system for the total elimination of waste water discharging into neighboring waterways. The ZLD System removes dissolved solids and other waste and returns distilled water to the process, basically recycling it.

The initiative to recycle and reuse 100 per cent waste water (sewerage water) has already begun. Work is well in progress to achieve the milestone,’ Deputy General Manager (Water Management) Rabindra Kumar Singh of Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company Limited(JUSCO), a 100 per cent subsidiary of Tata Steel, said.


Mr Singh added, ‘JUSCO had been making efforts to minimise water leakage and reuse the sewerage water after being recycled at its two treatment plants located at Bistupur and Bara.’  Mr Singh further stated that, ‘The waste water treatment plant currently in use has the capacity of 10 million litres per day.’ Additionally, the Bara treatment plant can treat up to 30 million litres of sewerage water every day. If things go as per plan, JUSCO could reuse the 40 million litres recycled water per day for industrial purposes in the city in the next one year’s time.

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