Well, Now I will proudly say “I HATE JAMSHEDPUR”

Today, I am ashamed. I am ashamed to admit that this city was the place of my origination. The people who gave me reasons to boast have today, brought shame… Today, I proudly say “I HATE YOU JAMSHEDPUR”

8.40pm, Bhalubasa Road, Near puja sweets..Today, a girl who was riding scooty on one of the busiest roots of the city was molested, an attempt was made to encroach her clothes and was continuously followed by 4 men on 2 bikes. What’s worse is that none of the passers by or people around came for help nor did the police help!
This instance raises questions that we all need to ask ourselves NOW! What kind of men are we? What do we feel when we see a girl riding scooty? Is she as free, as safe, as secure as a young boy speeding his bike? Why are our own girls, our own women easy targets for random or planned acts of abuse & violence? Who actually is to be blamed? The men who did it or the men who witnessed it happening?

Let me tell you… Since It’s not like the event took place in a corner of the city, or at some secluded area; we are all to be blamed! It’s shocking that despite the girl trying to get help, not a single “man” stood up for help; no case of molestation or harassment was registered… How does one explain this? Are we cowards or do we just feel this is not important enough?

I wonder, What has happened to us, as collective individuals of this city? What makes us animals who would prey on anything that’s attractive and treat it as a piece of meat, waiting to be relished?

It’s sickening enough that a city that we’ve all grown up in is unsafe for women; to be precise, unsafe for our mothers, sisters, daughters and friends.

Can we still save our city & its integrity?
Let this be a lesson that we should all learn from. Let’s not have a repeat of this, ever.Please!
Sometimes it’s important to use harsh words in order to make an impact. It’s important to offend in order to awake. Justice cannot be served in a platter and we the people of Jamshedpur who have always believed in it and have unconditional love for this city need to start standing up against elements who malign the dignity of our great city. We need to act and spread this, so it reaches those who are indulged in such shameful acts and those who become numb witnesses of such acts…


Here’s the first hand account from the girl who faced this… from her Facebook Post.


A rant by an ashamed JSRian.

What Do you think about this news?

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