14 Places you must visit this Founder’s day at Jamshedpur

Every year ‘3rd march’ is not just a date for jamshedpurians as it is Founder’s day here, people gathers in thousands on street to see the beauty of the city and like every year this year also you will get to see some amazing lighting in different part of Jamshedpur so here is the list.
1. Jubilee park

2. Stright mile road

3. Pipe line road

4. Circuit house

5. Office road

6. Jubilee road

7. Nildih park road

8. Bhatiya park kadma

9. Golmuri park

10. Joggers park baridih

11. Beldih lake

12. Kadma sonari link road

13. Bistupur main road

14 . Sakchi

So which place will be your first option to visit? Let us know in the comment box and dont miss this beautiful lighting around the city. Must enjoy with your family.

Also this Founder’s day your favourite’Jamshedpurtainment’ will be turning into the brand new website with official logo launching and you can catch all the excitement on 3rd march 12pm onwards.

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