The all New Things in Jamshedpur

We are just few hours away from 3rd march, indeed the most awaited day for any jamshedpurian and like every year the city get a fancy lighting make over, but apart from that have you notice few amazing things in jamshedpur? Check them below..

This flying fish at the golchakkar

This all new redium LED beside the Road

This elephant bride (no thats not the Momentum jharkhand wala hathi)

Beautiful road side barricading

Two penguin type sharks made from wastes.

The most talked thing of jamshedpur right now(its at jubilee lake)

So tell us how did you like these new things at jamshedpur. Isn’t it beautiful? Let us know in the commen box and dont forget to Like, share and subscribe the most Active page of Jamshedpur.

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