A Class seven Girl from Jamshedpur Awarded By State Govt. for Contb. in Swachch Bharat abhiyan

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A class seven girl from Jamshedpur received a special award at the National Summit on Health and Wellness 2017 for her contribution in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. 

Mondrita Chatterjee said she used her saved up pocket money of Rs 24,000 for the construction of two toilets in Kendradih village on the outskirts of Telco town in Jamshedpur. The village with a population of 350 did not have any toilet facilities till she took up their cause. And, now Mondrita is repeating her act at Holudboni village near Parsudih in the outskirts of the Steel City. Her move has seen girl students reappearing in the vocational training school of Holudboni.
“Through Facebook, I have got donations from people in Kolkata and Kerala,” said Mondrita. Her father, Amitabh Chatterjee, who is the cluster head of Meditrina Cardiac Superspeciality Hospital in Jamshedpur, said, “I was happy to hear the women of Kendradih bless my daughter and say now they do not have to wait for early morning or the cover of darkness to answer nature’s call.” Mondrita has received several awards for her contribution to the Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan including a felicitation from the state government.

Originally published in Times of India

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