Tata Steel to Launch TMH Prime

‘Jamshedpur is one of the best places’ to live… and people residing here since years know who the credit goes to! It’s Tata steel. We may have visited a lot of cities but none of them wins us like our own city, Jamshedpur. We might not have stretches of Metro Rail or Big multiplexes & huge shopping complexes but the kind of life we lead here is transcendent. The city keeps you content and we’re all satisfied and peaceful with what the city has to offer its residents.
This city has been planned, nurtured and developed by Tata steel and now Tata steel is all set to add another feather to its cap by adding a major healthcare service to an already overwhelming record. We know TMH -Tata main hospital is the oldest hospital in town which is run and maintained by Tata steel. It was established in 1908 & has been the life line for the citizens for 108 years and still serving us with the best! TMH Remains to be the pride of the city and TMH Prime scheme is only going to give us another reason to celebrate this great institution.

“It will be the first of its kind where all our doctors will be practising under one roof and the jamshedpurians will experience all basic to premium medical service in TMH Prime from 6pm to 10pm 3days in a week (to start with), that means from blood test to surgery or seeking medical advice from any specialist doctor will be now be easies for a citizen. The process has been made fully Digital and hi-tech.” Says Mr. kulvin Suri, Chief Corporate communication.
TMH Prime is the brand new initiative of Tata Steel with which they believe, people here will definitely get to experience a world class hospital facility.

Written by manoj nag

Edited by anurag panday

@Right Reserve Jamshedpurtainment

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