Jamshedpur – The city that spoils you forever…

Jamshedpur, kids, ChildhoodIf you’re reading this with a frown on your face… you’re justified! But believe me when you’ve concluded… you’ll agree, “Jamshedpur spoils its residents and once you’ve lived here… you’ll counter a hard time adjusting, accepting and settling in a new place.”I was born here and my childhood in this city was facilitated with some great learnings & value systems carried forward through generations. Spending my childhood in this city and now staying a 1000 kms away from it, I realize how my life here was full of luxuries that my dad didn’t buy for me… but this city did!

Being a hyperactive, distracted kid that I was… My interests swinged from wanting to be a doctor to a scientist to a cricketer to a Chess Grand Master and what not! The credit goes to this city where during my first 18 years of existence I tried my hands on the following trades:

  • Swimming at G-Town Club
  • Tennis at JRD Sports complex
  • Cricket at Kenan Stadium
  • Badminton at Mohan Ahuja indoor stadium
  • Yoga at Sarkar Yoga Academy
  • Mountaineering at Tata Adventure Foundation
  • Horse Riding in Sonari CH Area
  • Drawing at Jamshedpur School of Art
  • Chess at TATA Chess Academy
  • Public Speaking & Creative Writing in School

In addition to this, I definitely wanted to try professional football at TFA (One of India’s top football clubs), Basketball, Boxing, Shooting, Athletics, Hockey, Archery and numerous other sports & Arts; which are pursued at professional centers in this city. Now, I do not consider it a failure for not having tried these crafts as I also was a student with decent scores and great attendance in School. However, with so many interesting options which regularly distracted me from taking one seriously I became a “Jack of all trades & a master of none”

This city has spoilt me like a Brat of a Rich Father, who gave his son all extravagance of life! I now stay in Mumbai (The Financial Capital & the richest city in India) which though gives me my livelihood but could never become My Home, My City, My Guardian that would spoil me with fulfilled demands & unwanted luxuries of Life… You spoilt me Jamshedpur!

 – A spoilt Jamshedpurian

5 thoughts on “Jamshedpur – The city that spoils you forever…

  1. First a fall it’s all about adjustment ,we jamshedpurians are raised in secure enviorment but u can’t deny that kids also get to know things what is wrong and right( we also have good street konowlwgde that comes in handy when we move out ) . Regarding crime yes we can’t deny but atlast it’s we the people who ignore the very incident happening infront of us ,ain’t that wrong Thing to ignore DR Randeep …. ? It is we the people who entertain criminal minded elements … we are proud people of one of the oldest cities of India .every household crafts a dream every family works towards excellence be it studies or non edu fields ….


  2. I don’t think its true for everyone. You must be interested in playing and stuff for that. I never did or even think about doing any of those because my interests very academic.


  3. I too loved Jamshedpur, as even I was born and brought up here. But in the past few years, the city has become so insecure in terms of Crime, that living there is a horror. So polluted, so crowded. I wish, my city Jamshedpur again become like those golden days of my childhood memories.

    A true Jamshedpurian


    1. Atleast I am a lost Bihari… With an identity!

      Unlike you, who seems to be a bigoted Catholic by your name… While a mindless man with a lost identity… By your email!


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