Beat the heat with these coolest place in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur: With the ferocious heat in Jamshedpur increasing and the potential of enduring it decreasing, the steel city has a lot of options to reverse the situation for some respite.

The climate already helping us burning a few calories, we should now look at places that will help us in gaining those back. The craving for ice-creams, milkshakes and masala cold drinks increases in abundance in the summer season.

Jamshedpur has a lot of options to dine, but there has been a recent surge towards ice-cream parlors, milkshake joints or soda shops to tackle the heat faced in the summers. The best thing about these food joints in Jamshedpur is that, they have a huge range of choices and it is budget friendly.

At ‘DilKhush Ice Chat’ in Sakchi one can enjoy the best of ice-chats as well as milkshakes, owned by Govind Das, this place has become a hangout place for foodies all around the city. Ice creams make up an integral part of summers, and Jamshedpur has a lot of places that serves us some amazing ice-creams. The Softy Corner, Baskin and Robins, Swirls all three located in Bistupur provide us with delightful ice creams.

Bhatia Milkshake has been the primary source of milkshake in Jamshedpur, but now Keventers the company which brought the idea of Milkshakes in India has started to compete with them. Keventers is located in Sakchi as well as Bistupur, has started to provide the people with worthy milkshake of international level.

“The packaging of Keventers is really cute, secondly the milkshake is nice and thick, not watery as in many places. To add to this, it is in the centre of the city” said Roshni Indorewala, an ex- student of Sacred Heart Convent, who now studies in Bangalore.

“It is centrally located, offers perfect drinks for a shopping spree in the afternoons and evenings, it is very economical and offers a huge range of variety” said, Muskan Mascharak who is a fan of Bhatia Milkshakes.

The Regal Masala Cold drink provides us with tasty and tangy soda shakes, while Gupta Fruit Juice in Sitaramdera provides us with great quality fruit juices.

“Regal Masala Cold drink is my love for two reasons. One because it has always been consistent with its mind-boggling taste and secondly it represents the nature of the citizens of Jamshedpur, tangy and chilled out” said Aditya Chauhan, a resident of Vijaya Gardens Baridih.

Keep aside all the ice-creams, one thing what the people love to eat here is Kulfi. One will spot many people selling Kulfi on the streets, but what the major two Kulfi hubs in Jamshedpur are Navjeevan Kulfi in Sakchi and Ramesh Kulfi on the old court road before Bistupur.

This is the time for one to experiment and explore what the city has in store for its people, in the summers.

Writer credit : siddharth Mishra

News source : avaneu Mail

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