5 things you find Jsrians doing at Jubilee park

Indeed jubilee park is one of the best thing happend to jamshedpur, i mean you feel bored you go to jubilee park, you bunk classes you go to jubilee park, you are in love or hearbreak you go to jubilee park so no matters even if you get a super mall in jamshedpur but you cant change your habbit visiting to the jubilee park.

So Read 5 things you will  find jsrians doing at the jubilee park
1. Jogging

When your city is surrounded by the beautiful nature you cant skip your morning/evening Jogging also you cant find better place for jogging than jubilee park, tata steel has also made beautiful tracks inside this park.

2. Panchayati
 It will be too expensive if you go to Brubeck or bhola maharaj with your gang even if you go to these place they wont allow you guys to do loud ‘chappad chapad’ there and to spend much time with the gang with unlimited time and gaalis no one can replace ‘jubilee park’ for every type of panchayti. What say ?😬

3. Pyar-mohabbat
For me jubilee park hasbeen always a ‘non-violence’ place of the city, becuse nafrat ka toh pata nahi par log yahan pyaar karte jarur paye jaate hai, there are hundred of love stories written everyday behind a tree here or say ‘Jhaadi’ 😂

4. Sulah
Bhai jhagda chahe koi bhi gali kuche me ho par ‘Sulah’ karne ke liye best place only jubilee park. The number of  people come this place for Sulah their Apsi vivaad is more than the people go to city’s Thana 😋

5. Madirapaan
Most of you will surly gonna take this point as offensive but ‘Kash yeh baat jhutt hoti’ that many time i have seen people doing madirapaan openly at jubilee park without fearing, becuse police wahan aati to jarur hai par sirf Couples ko pakadne 😂. Khair..hata sawan ki ghata

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P.S. I love Jubilee Park 😎

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