Jamshedpur’s got some world class modern cafes! Have you paid a visit?


Tea & Coffee, as characterized by many, is not just a beverage but an excuse for a conversation you long to have. Many relate to tea & coffee at an emotional, spiritual level because it allows you to spend hours with your clan, indulging in meaningful discourse or let’s you have a quality lone time to drown in your own deep thoughts or in a book.

If you too worship Tea or Coffee, cafe’s are your Mecca & what’s better than having some really chic cafes with some great food to munch on, in your Hometown: Jamshedpur!

Here’re some of our favourite all-day-cafés from the city which have unique offerings for your food plate, with some great beverages…


  1. LA Gravitea: A modern cafe situated in a seemingly quiet location of C H Area with a perfect ambiance for almost all occasions: Meetings, Date, Open miking, Indie Performances & Film Screenings. This unique place is decorated with Handcrafted Art pieces, some of which are also on sale.
    The Space has the perfect level of tranquility which makes up for a nice reading or working setting.
    LA Gravitea can easily be pronounced one of the best tea places, not just in the city but in all of India. It has in offering 150 variations of tea with a lot of stewed and baked savories to make a combination you’ll relish. The service is unmatched and what’s notable is that the attendants here are all hearing impaired who have been efficiently trained to serve with conviction. It is really awe-inspiring to see them work efficiently and explore their personal stories of struggle and triumph.
    Visit LA Gravitea today!IMG_20170818_170718308
  2. The Chocolate Room
    A renowned joint across metros of India, The Chocolate Room, Jamshedpur is remarkably close to the Hustle & Bustle of the city with an ongoing footfall of the city’s youth. The cafe has a remarkably refreshing interiors with an energising youthful setting. What makes it unique is its variety of desserts, some of which are exclusive & unmatched. Here you can relish on Shakes, Chocolate Blasters, irresistible Sundaes, Waffles and some great Bakes and patisseries. Visit The Chocolate Room, Jamshedpur for some amazing Munching!IMG_20170818_181323632

  3. Le Bon Cafe & Bakery
    An extremely expansive space with an exquisite first impression, Le Bon welcomes you with soft colours and eye-pleasing elements in the interiors. The cafe’s got an extremely subtle setting and is our favourite all day cafe in the city.
    Le Bon specializes in coffee and indigenously baked items that you can savor at a pocket friendly price. For those who know of the famous Lebanese cuisine Shawrma, probably this is the only place in town which offers it. The limited time we spent at this cafe also made us appreciate its playlist and we highly recommend a visit.IMG_20170818_164858862

  4. Icy Bakers:
    As their name itself suggests, they are specialists in Baking Ice-Creams and you can savor some unique flavours at this place. The Icy Bakers is a completely new concept for Jamshedpur with a fresh menu, fresh setting and suprbly executed raw design of the cafeteria space. From the long list of formula based Ice-Creams & shakes that they have to offer, some of our favourites are: Mango Ice-Cream Rolls, Fried Ice-Cream, Ice-Cream Sizzlers, Creamery Cold-Coffee which gave us a Brain-freeze, stopping us from trying more! If you’ve missed visiting this place, you’ve missed a lot!IMG_20170818_173816286

  5. Brubeck Cafe & Bakery:
    One of the city’s 1st and most popular Cafeteria which has classically evolved with time and, experiences a lot of  young footfall; Brubeck is beautifully created space that lets you have a view of one of the busiest streets of the city from a serene space and savor the freshly baked items. The Cafe has something special for you to relish everyday and there are frequent updations of their menu with innovative food items and beverages. The cafe is extremely affordable and can be the best host for your friend Circle.

Our beloved city is evolving and these joints are just another reason for you to go exploring. Share this list of Cafes with your friends & loved ones and let us know in the comments which one you’re visiting coming weekend. Happy Munching!

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