M.S. Dhoni’s Jamshedpur Connection…

Often referred as The President of Iceland, The Captain cool, The Baahubali of Indian cricket: Mahendra Singh Dhoni completes 300 ODIs and becomes only the 6th Indian Cricketer to do so.
On this special day, when Dhoni achieves another incredible milestone, we tell you about Dhoni’s Jamshedpur connection and why he is as Jamshedpuriya as much as a Ranchi lad?


  1. Jamshedpur’s Keenan Stadium is Dhoni’s Homeground:
    MS Dhoni has played many matches for Bihar & Jharkhand in this stadium. He has spent a lot of time in this stadium in his early days practicing & playing Professional matches much before JSCA stadium was built in Ranchi.


  2. Dhoni’s talent was first noticed in an Under-19 domestic match in Jamshedpur by members of a BCCI committee who was responsible for finding similar talents from smaller towns.
  3. He too Hangs out in Jamshedpur when he’s in state
    Here’s a tweet from our Mahi Bhaiya from 2012 when he was playing cricket in Jamshedpur and had to rush to Ranchi on a bike due to an emergency.
    Screenshot 2017-08-31 23.02.41


  4. Dhoni has opened batting for India only once: In Jamshedpur, against England when he scored 96.
    Guess why he was sent to open with Sehwag in the match?
    Obviously to oblige the Home crowd!


  5. Because He too loves the Dosas made by Balajee and Sips of Chai from Kashiram near Modi Park.


  6. Because he’s not just a conqueror of records & milestones but a conqueror of Hearts: A Baazigar in true sense.

    Jamshedpur needs no introduction to Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He’s definitely one of us and has given us what we always longed to have: A hero to look up to. He has taught us to dream big and take a stride forward to achieve them. He has taught us to succeed and still stay rooted. He’s shown us how a small town boy can rule the world with humility and patience while being Icy cool!

    Share this article with your friends and let them know about your hero, who is from your hometown!

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