This 23 years old boy from Jamshedpur is leaving his mark on the Hindi Film Industry & continues to do so…

A Loyola School Alumnus, Adarsh Gourav is another upcoming talent from Jamshedpur who is shining in the city of Dreams, Mumbai. In this excerpt, we present parts from our conversation with him, where he talks about his upcoming film, his Jamshedpur days and his journey to taking up Acting as a profession.


Adarsh features as a lead character in the next Manoj Bajpayee film “Rukh” and is extremely confident of the Film due to its strong storyline, plot & cast. Talking to Jamshedprtainment he says, “Rukh is a relatable film with a strong storyline and unmatched cast. It shows the kind of turmoils, relationships in our families go through and is a perfect watch for Movie Buffs who like to watch realistic movies”

Rukh releases on the 27th of October (In just 2 days…) and you shouldn’t miss this chance to watch a boy from our own city on the Silver Screen.
Watch it in theaters, if you can!

Talking about his Jamshedpur days, Adarsh shares his love for food from the city and how he misses relishing on Dosas & Idlis that do not taste better anywhere else.

Here’s a video where he talks about his fond memories of Jamshedpur with his Dad.



Talking about his journey, Adarsh said that he was always inclined towards performing Arts and the key was to start early. When he came to Mumbai he took to On-Stage Dramatics and was also a part of his college band where he was the lead singer.

He was spotted at Kala Ghoda Festival by a Casting Professional who then invited him for an audition resulting in a role in Shah Rukh Khan’s “My Name is Khan.” He played 15 yr old Rizwan in the movie and has already worked with the likes of Sridevi in Mom, John Abraham in Banana (Unreleased) & Anurag Kashyap in Madly, an anthology of love stories for Tribeca Film Festival.

It was extremely overwhelming for us to have interviewed Adarsh and know how he is still connected to his Hometown, how he has memories of Jamshedpur that do not seem to have faded away, how he still misses the food here and his childhood days that he revisits every time he’s here.

We wish him success for Rukh and Promise to bring him live on our Facebook Page soon. Stay Tuned & Share!

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