Watch as Astad Deboo, a renowned contemporary dancer perform in Europe. PS: His journey started from Jamshedpur!

Watch a renowned contemporary dancer from India who will be returning to his hometown, Jamshedpur. This time to woo us all with his art form at Jamshedpurfest.

Astad Deboo was born in a Parsi family and shifted to Jamshedpur when he was 6 years old. His father was employed with Tata Steel. He studied at Loyola School, Jamshedpur, from where he passed out in 1964 after which he moved to Mumbai.

Over the next decade, he went on to attend the London School of Contemporary Dance and has toured the world to showcase his talent.

It is yet another proud moment for us as Astad Deboo returns to perform in TATA STEEL’s yearly carnival now renamed as Jamshedpurfest, for the home crowd.

Join us at Jamshedpurfest to watch him perform live at the Loyola School, Fasy Auditorium tomorrow, 6 pm onwards.

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