This 17 years old Jamshedpur boy is the real ambassador of Swachh Bharat.

17 years old Rohit Karmakar, a resident of Sonari, Nirmal Nagar Basti has helped construct more than 1000 toilets in his area. Watch the story of his struggle and valor in this documentary made by Jamshedpurtainment.

Belonging to a Socially and economically backward class himself, it required great amount of courage to spread awareness among people and to take the initiative to go door to door in order to convince people to have a toilet.

Rohit Karmakar proves to be the real ambassador of Swachh Bharat. This 17-year-old has initiated a war against open defecation and continues to fight it all alone. He needs more warriors to join him, watch the video below to know his story and spread the word by sharing.

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