City’s own Internet sensation, this Jamshedpur boy has a million views on his video

A Jamshedpur lad, Amandeep Singh is another addition to the pool of talent that the city has given to various Arts & Trades. Amandeep has taken the Internet by storm with his contemporary style of Poetry. His videos are going viral and are making him a sensation, overnight.
Discover his journey to a million views here and find out what’s coming next from him.

Amandeep started his journey as an ambitious kid roaming around in the streets of Telco… Gazing at his reflection in the Hudco lake, looking around from the elevation at Bhuvaneshwari Mandir, thinking what his future beholds.

While at school, he was a regular participant in Public Speaking competitions. Most of his speeches were written by his father. As he grew, he started writing short stories and poems, but never thought of pursuing poetry as a profession (As many would ask, is that even a profession?)

Though Amandeep ended up being an engineer, he never actually stopped writing. Working in Hyderabad as an Engineer he performed at an Open Mic event, that instantly got people talking about him, he then came to Mumbai, where he is now a hit in the Open Mic-ing circuit and his poetry & story telling videos on youtube are reaching new benchmarks everyday.

His Story, “Mujhe Tumse Pyar Nahi” recently reached a million views on Youtube. Watch the full video here:

Amazing, how he uses real life observations and experiences to  transpire thoughts and feelings into a story, how he narrates them in a poised voice and subtle expressions. This guy is on his path to greatness…

Amandeep’s next video will be out this weekend and is one of his favourite pieces. It is about how the simplest of things can inspire you to achieve your dreams. To be the first to watch the video follow Amandeep on his Social pages and subscribe to his channel below:

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