Watch! Jamshedpur’s tribute to Banaras…

Banaras Blues, a music video that pays tribute to the holiest city of Banaras… Why is it a tribute from Jamshedpur? Read to know…

It’s not a hidden fact that our city is a pool of talent and we frequently unfurl such talents on our platform. Yet again, we bring to you the story of Audio Addict, DJ Duos in Mumbai whose roots are from Jamshedpur.

Audio Addict; Jamshedpur; Prem Pratik; Kashish Parashar; concert;
Audio Addict (Jamshedpur’s Prem Pratik and Kashish Parashar) at a concert

Prem Pratik; An Alumni of Loyola School and DAV Bistupur along with Kashish Parashar, Born in Jamshedpur and studied in Mumbai, perform and produce music by the name of Audio Addict.

Audio Addict is on a tour of India producing Music videos on various cities of India. Banaras Blues is the first track of their tour Album and is a tribute to the Holy city by these talented artists from Steel City. Watch the video and share if you feel proud to be a citizen of Jamshedpur & subscribe to Audio Addict for updates on their upcoming tours.

Watch Banaras Blues here:

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