This short movie by Tata youth is gonna rule the nex-gen, as the trailer convinces.

The steel city of India – Jamshedpur has a pet name Mini Mumbai, as we’ve been knowing. The reason of it being called that may relate to the ‘Marine drive’ we have in respective cities or the film hub we have. If Mayanagri is known for the bollywood film industry, our Lauhnagri is known for the short film industry. The young blood of the city contributes to it a lot. Now they’re back! With a completely out-of-the-box concept, the name of the movie is EMAPTH.
As the trailer shows, we can see scenes of Hudco and Telco area, the background music creates the excitement and the characters seem intense.IMG-20180205-WA0004
Our team reached out to the cinematographer of the film, Biswajit and he said,
“Empath is most awaited short film of Jamshedpur. It took almost 1 and half years to make. And as public waited for it, they will surely say wow at the end of the movie. Empath is a Psychological thriller film which demanded vfx and alot of good background score. That is one of reasons it took so long. But as said time pays off. It will thrill you at every second you watch. So get ready Jamshedpur! Watch Empath, on 6th February from 8PM, only on youtube.”

Well, to watch the trailer click here.

Stay tuned there to watch the full movie, kyunki picchar abhi baqi hai mere dost!

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