Do these things to make sure your kid makes it to the best school of Jamshedpur

Admission season in Jamshedpur is around the corner and with the new lottery system parents are left uncertain of their kids’ admission in any school. While some end up getting admissions in desired schools, rest are left out…

Here’re things you can do for overall development of your kids without really worrying about their admissions.


  1. Take your kids out, let them meet new people: Keeping kids in the protected environment of home doesn’t help much. It is always good to let your kids interact with new people.


  2. Teach your kids and gratify them once in a while: It is good to teach your kids at home and appreciate them, but giving gifts and toys for every achievement is not the right thing to do. Regular rewards might develop a sense of greed in them and they might stop learning without expecting a gratification.

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  3. Let your kids spend time with elderly: Remember your childhood and remember how your grandparents shared their wisdom with you in form of stories that stayed with you all your life. Let your kids feel the limitless love of grandparents and they’re sure to learn early.


  4. Take them to a good play-school: All the above points can be taken care of if you put your kid in a good Play-School that takes care of their 360* development. Here’s a suggestion from us. Watch this video:

Kidzee Bharti is probably the best pre-school in Jamshedpur and should be a benchmark choice for your kids.

and if you’re able to follow all the above steps, more than worrying about admissions you can be sure of raising another great kid in this great city…

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