Jamshedpur’s 14 year old from Hill top school is to visit NASA.

14-year-old Anjishnu Satpathy is striving hard to achieve his aim of becoming an astrophysicist, and his quest to reach for the stars has received a major boost by none other than NASA!

Anjishnu is a student at Hill Top School in Jamshedpur. He topped the Kalpana Chawla National Scholar Exam, an online test based on CBSE and ICSE syllabuses, and as a result, found himself among the students who were shortlisted for a Skype interview. Only 21 made it from the Skype round, and he was one of them.

Pics by the telegrpah

Now, he will visit NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) in the United States this May for ten days to learn about Mars, and how to develop a conducive environment to live there. NASA will provide the students with real-life scenarios to work on.

Anjishnu is a huge fan of Stephen Hawking, the legendary theoretical physicist and cosmologist. The boy is thankful to Educcharya.com, for the opportunity, and said to The Telegraph, “I always dreamt of visiting NASA. I idolise Stephen Hawking, read his books and want to be an astrophysicist. This is my time to learn and gather whatever I can from my dream destination.”

The students that haven’t been selected shouldn’t feel dejected. The next 21 will receive Rs 1 lakh, the 21 after them will get Rs 50,000, and the final 21 will get Rs 20,000, as cash prizes.

News courtesy @the telegraph

One thought on “Jamshedpur’s 14 year old from Hill top school is to visit NASA.

  1. Great anjishnu have masti . And congratulations for U r going to NASA . try for ur best. I m from Gulmohur High school . From all gulmohurians congratulations .


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