Tata steel has built central warehouse complex at Jamshedpur works, which cost near 200 crore. Dr.Petras Blauf, Independent Director of Tata Steel inaugurated the warehouse on 3rd March.
Tata steel has linked the road between Marine drive and JMD gate of Bistupur central warehouse, so that large vehicles do not need to enter the city. The warehouse has been built at a height of 12 metre, which is like a benchmark for the warehouse of industries like FMCG, 3PL logistics. Materials handling equipment has been installed for safe operation of the material inside the warehouse. In addition to this, the implementation of 100% FIFO has been equipped with a radio frequency based shuttle, multi-tier drive in system. The warehouse has been digitized while implementing the extended warehouse management module to easily find the goods.
On the auspicious occasion of inauguration, TQM president Anand Sen, Vice president Sunil Bhaskaran, Tata workers Union President R.Ravi Prasad, Deputy President Arvind Pandey and Satish Singh were present.

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