No matter where you are… Use these Jamshedpuria words to slay in an argument!

Just like any other language… Hindi has its own versions and additional dialects based on the region it is used in.

Jamshedpur having a heavy Bihari & Tribal influence has incorporated sassy words that you should never forget if you want to slander in an argument. Moreover, if you’re a Jamshedpuria you should never forget the pleasure of using these words that will make you feel cool as ice.

The words below are in no particular order…

  1. Bhakua – A person who makes same mistakes after repeated instructions or simply a fool.
    e.g Kabse wide aur no ball phenk raha hai… Ek number ka bhakua hai sala!
  2. Dhasaya – A big fuck-up.
    e.g Bhai aaj phir home-work nahi kiye… Aaj to Dhasaye!
  3. Kya Baba? – What’s Up?
    e.g (When you meet your buddies in evening, after work…) Kya Baba?
  4. Role Hard – Out of league or Someone who overdoes things!
    e.g Uske sath Bike pe mat baithna bhai… Ekdam Role Hard hai
  5. Gola Sott – I am Fuc*ed!
    e.g Bhai Ladki ko I Love you to bol diya lekin ab Gola Sott ho gaya hai. Kahin Na na-bol de.
  6. Siyana ka jhat – Oversmart
    e.g Abe jada Englis medium school me padh k siyana ka jhat mat bano… Gobindpur ka hai to waisehi raho!
  7. Theluaa – Men in uniform.
    e.g Kya kare bhai wo Bistupur thana k paas theluaa helmet checkin me pakad liya tha!
  8. Phutani – arrogance/show-off.
    e.g Bahut phutani hai bhai ladki ka, aam-bagan ka kala-khatta nai khayegi restaurant me baith k Ice-cream khana hai usko!
  9. Jabraat – awesome.
    e.g Kewat ka litti khaye hain? Bahut Jabraat banata hai…
  10. Khepa Ho ka? – Are you nuts?
    e.g Bhai garmi bahut hai… Chalo Dimna dam me dubki laga k aate hain! Khepa Ho ka? Hamko tairna nahi aata hai!

ऐसा बहुत्ते शब्द है, लिखे लगे तो एगो जमशेदपुरिया डिक्शनरी बन जाएगा… Comment with other words from Jamshedpur that we have missed and we will add those in this article.

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