The famous ‘Passport Baba’ dargah at New Baridih

Though a country of only 74.04% literacy rates, many Indians aspire to go abroad for a future settlement. But for many, this dream is never fulfilled because of passport issues. ‘Passport Baba’ has a solution to this problem.

Situated in the corner of the town of Jamshedpur, this 140 year old ‘Dargah’ is said to have fulfilled many wishes. People travel from all over the world or send a copy of their passport to get their visas cleared. Though many people do not believe in such super-natural forces, but this place has seen a large number of wishes getting fulfilled.

I recently visited this place with great reluctance. The great number of tombs present in the pathway gives it an eerie look. Sitting at the entrance of the mosque is Peer Mohammed, who said to have constructed it single-handedly. It is said, about 140 years back, Hazrat Miskin Shah Baba, a fakir, travelled all the way from Lahore to Jamshedpur. This was at a time when the town of Jamshedpur was not even formed. It was all jungle amidst the Dalma Range. He died here and his tomb stands between two huge banyan trees. These two trees act as the base where people pin up their wishes. Though most famous for catalysing the receiving of visas, today it is said to fulfill every wish from love stories to exam related issues and even cure illness.

Located behind Jamshedpur Public School in New Baridih area, this is one of the least known places to the town. Though a world famous site, very little is known by the people of the town about it. My survey showed that only 15% of the Jamshedpur population knows about the Dargah. Honestly, when I first heard about it from my neighbour, I was quite cynical about the concept. The initial atmosphere too made me freak out. But once I entered the Dargah, a chat with Peer Mohammed cleared my mind of all the pre-conceived notions. He’s been building the Dargah mostly with his savings and the little donations that he receives from visitors. It’s a selfless service he has embarked upon towards Miskin Baba.

Not only can people come to this place to pin their wishes to the banyans, but can also courier a written copy of their wish. It will be pinned up by Peer Mohammed. Even though a lesser known site, the calm and pleasant atmosphere helps soothe the mind. A faith to fulfil wishes, the warm welcome of Peer Mohammed and the history of Passport Baba keeps attracting new visitors from all over the world.

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