जमशेदपुर एक छोटा शहर है… उसे छोटा हि रहने दें!

We always talk about how Jamshedpur is an ideal town. How we have access to world-class amenities and a high standard of living at a low cost. We always talk about the peace of mind that we possess in this city and the various types of business, Job and educational opportunities we have.

But, over the past few years Jamshedpur – the well planned green town is moving towards becoming Jamshedpur – the bustled Metro City.

Jamshedpur is a small town… and we should let it be one!
Here’re the reasons why Jamshedpur should be the small town we call our home and shouldn’t become another Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore.


  1. We don’t need large Malls: Yes! You read that right… Jamshedpur doesn’t need the PM Mall. It is a direct threat to the small time retail businesses and is the gateway to capitalism in our city. You’ll find all the big market players opening stores in the mall while slowly taking over the retail market business that majorly support large no. of families in our city. Do you think Amar Market shop owners can buy/rent a store in P M Mall?
    We will soon forget to whistle and clap at an amazing movie scene while watching it at PJP Cinepolis instead of Payal Cinema. We will soon forget the joy of visiting market and negotiating fighting with the shopkeeper for a 100 rupee less as we will be driven by offers and discounts. We will soon forget the small bakeries, cafes and roadside stalls for the Pizaa Huts and Mc Donalds.


  2. We will soon have space crunch: Over the last few years you would have noticed the widening of roads in Jamshedpur. With more and more people buying cars the roads are getting crowded and in not less than half a decade you’ll find fly-overs erecting in the middle of our wide roads while we lose our shaded roads.
  3. If you’re an adult who grew up in Jamshedpur reading this, remember the places, the grounds you grew up playing in… Are all of them still intact? I’m sure the answer is no. Personally, I can name a few places I grew-up playing in that do not exist anymore. The famous Link Road ground is now a residential apartment, the Ganesh Puja ground is now squeezed for the adjoining road and the Green-enclave flats stand tall upon the small green area we had in Kadma.
  4. Many of us Jamshedpur kids grow up to start living in Metro cities, we don’t want to come back home to the same problems we tackle there… The traffic, the emotionlessness, a culture that’s diminishing, growth of income but lack of satisfaction and the list is unending.

To conclude this let me clarify I am not against development. I am not against growth of our city. What I am against is losing the spirit that this city Jamshedpur is. I am against losing the Bauaji ki Chai, the early morning summer cricket matches, the Kewat ka litti, the colony ka adda, the Holi, Diwali and Jagrata…

जमशेदपुर एक छोटा शहर है… उसे छोटा हि रहने दें!

Comment if you think I’ve missed a point or if you disagree. We’d love to respond and hear from you.

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