Jamshedpur’s Abhishek Kumar wins election in Mumbai. Will chair Assistant Directors under Indian Films Television Director’s Association.

Abhishek Kumar wins IFTDA Election

Yet another young talent from Jamshedpur engraves a feather of achievement in his hat as he wins the IFTDA (Indian Films Television Directors Association) elections in Assistant Director category in Mumbai.

Abhishek Kumar aka Aldo is a part of Ashok Pandit group; the group sweeping the elections in consecutive 4th term this year… While Abhishek proves his mettle by winning with record 637 out of 900 votes (3rd highest in the category).

Abhishek will now chair the EC Member team of 8 Assistant Directors who will be responsible for the welfare of Assistant Directors in Films & Television industry, all over India.

If you’re thinking what’s the Jamshedpur connection of Abhishek…? Let me tell you… Jamshedpur is his hometown and in just 4 years in Mumbai he has excelled and made a name for himself in the television & film industry.

Team Jamshedpurtainment wishes you all the best on behalf of our city. May you keep making us proud.

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