JUSCO dedicates free two Wheeler parking facility at first Public square Bistupur

JUSCO dedicates free two wheeler parking facility

Jamshedpur: The steel city’s bustling nerve centre Bistupur will get a dedicated public square, the first of its kind in Jharkhand soon . To be known as Bistupur public square will come up in two phases, the place will offer people, especially shoppers and professionals in Bistupur a place to relax and unwind.

The first phase is almost ready and will be thrown open to the public in coming days. A 175mx16m area alongside the stretch between Fakira Chanachur near Jamshedpur’s oldest multi-storey market complex Kamani Center and Bank of Baroda regional office on Bistupur Main Road, it will be dedicated.

“It is our ambitious project and will serve people to unwind in the heart of city. It will have a parking bay for over 200 two-wheelers, toilet facilities for men and women, snack kiosks, a colourful fountain, a green buffer zone, separate corners for children and senior citizens.

There will be a green buffer between the road and the public square. This apart, there will be designer lamps along with colourful fountains and swings and slides in the kids’ corner. The public square will also have food courts with proper dustbins, washrooms and urinals.

A 1.5m wall is being built to separate the square from Bistupur Main Road and ensure people are not inconvenienced by traffic. There will be elevated pedestrian crossings and ramps for the disabled.

On Saturday, JUSCO dedicated a free two wheeler parking facility at Bistupur, next to Kamani Centre. It was City SP Prabhat Kumar. It a 130m length open parking facility exclusively for two wheeler. It will

decongestion of Road Near Kamani Centre & Bistupur. It has 250 no’s two wheeler parking capacity

Capt Dhananjay Mishra, senior general manager, JTO spoke about the future plans of the upcoming Bistupur Public Square. He shared the plan and the salient features of the public square with all present there. Tarun Daga, managing director, JUSCO welcomed all present there and said that in the coming days there will be a lot of face lift and amenities for the citizens at Bistupur.

Prabhat Kumar, addressed the crowd, saying that the citizens of Jamshedpur are privileged that Tata Steel and JUSCO are there to look after the needs and requirements of the township and keep developing the city each day but its also the responsibility of the citizens to help keep Jamshedpur clean, safe and green.

Source : The Avenue Mail



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