Meet the Youngest Female Rapper of Jamshedpur 🤘

Exclusive: If Jamshedpur city is called ‘GEM’SHEDPUR, it will not be surprising because the spirit and confidence of the youth born and grown here is really amazing and today we are going to introduce you to one such GEM whose style, confidence and talent Seems more than her age.

And today we are talking to the youngest female rapper in our city whose rap is attracting a lot of attention of jamshedpurians on social media.


Real name : Akanksha Kumari
Stage name: Dzire because Akanksha means Desire
Age : 17
What you do: I am a high school student
Rapping since : 2016, been almost 3 yrs I guess.

Welcome to Jamshedpurtainment Akansha, saw your videos you are fab !!

Thank you so much Jamshedpurtainment for this huge opportunity.

So Dezire A.K.A Akansha why did you choose RAP?

“Is it cause I’m all quiet I stay solid..Power to this hiphop shit man its voilent”
My line says it all. Rap because it gives me a voice. Rap because it helps me express myself more than I could ever do,that I am all free to write,to express what I am going through. And the best part is that happiness,that inner peace that you get when you write something.Like as per now,rap/hiphop is a major part of me,whenever I am free you’ll always find me just playing around with my pen and pad. People have an addiction of alcohol,I am rap addicted lol.

Wow, So if we ask you from who m you are Influenced or Inspired ?

So it was back in 2016 I guess,I was in std. 8th,I was randomly surfing thru some pop songs(Yep I remember listening to people like gomez and bieber like I was a kid at that time,what else do y’all expect me to listen to SMH🤷😂😂) so I was going thru them suggested videoes on the right hand side where I saw a track called as “RAP GOD-EMINEM” so the thing was I knew there was some artist named Eminem but didn’t tried no works of him so I randomly decided to click on that vid (that I am still thankful that I did😂❤️) and THAT SHITT WAS CRAAZYYYY like it was completely something different from what I used to normally listen to at that time but still felt a weird connection towards it like I didn’t understand no shits he said😂 but still I liked what he did like trust me I was so into it,I stayed up all night and literally learnt that entire shit by heart in half a day,I DID.✋😁 Uske baad I started getting more and more into that genre,I discovered more dope artists but the way Eminem impressed me like tbh till date,I appreciate other artists and even envy them but Eminem is the only role model like if you ask for that one name that I *look upto* It will always be Eminem,Wo alag level karta hai like RN he is the bar people wanna reach upto including me.Stan Forever.✋❤️

What is your DREAM ?

My dream is to get to that level jaha I can change this mentality of female waala scene in India,tbh I want more badass girls to come out and write real shits,you don’t have to use your liabilities as your content. Check out my works,even tho I can write a lot of mainstream things that gon get me sympathy and attention but Imma be me and that’s how I want this scene to grow. Dzire is not just ek female rapper,dzire is somebody who is a big competition scene mai,That is how people to look upto me. I have battled some good amount of guys and 99% of the time I choke them up.This is how I want this scene to be.Don’t wanna blow out just by taking wo bichaari waala tag. And most importantly it doesn’t matter,how many people gon listen to my tracks be it 2 but all I want it ki wahi 2 aa k meko bole ki Dzire because of you I didn’t give up on my dreams,You did it so I think I can do it too.Ye bohot h❤️

Well said, So where you see yourself in Next 10 years ?

“And Imma keep hustling until I be the face of female hiphop of India doesn’t matter it takes how long G”
Again my line says it all
Tbh if people start listening to real hiphop,I can literally imagine myself being the main face of female hiphop in India because I am keeping it real since day 1 more than anyone else, I am not doing it just for the sake of it,Even tho I can blow out like some by doing mainstream but I won’t.Dzire is the one who is known for keeping things real,Dzire is not known for being a girl but the way she brings in competition in the scene,be it in battle or my tracks,if people like real things,I might be the one at the top IDK.

So what you think of Jamshedpurians? Are they supportive enough ?

Jamshedpurians are ❤️. Because these are my people,doesn’t matter whereever I go aage,I’ll always be a jamshedpurian. The thing is I think there aren’t much listeners of hiphop genre in here in jamshedpur and even if there are some,they are prolly interested on the contents of west side rappers like Raftaar or Emiway or Badshah or Seedhe maut
or it might be that they still don’t know they have some dope artists in their own city too so all we need RN is exposure,I want more people to know about what I do and how I want to represent my people ,my East side in the scene.

Amazing! It was great to know such talent from jamshedpur, thank you an all the best akansha 😊

Thank a lot team, just want to say keep supporting young talents from Jamshedpur.

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