4 Different Business of MS Dhoni that you hardly know about

We know that Dhoni makes gold into something he touches and today we will tell you about Dhoni’s businesses that you may not have heard of.

1. Mahi Hotel

This is probably one of the least famous MSD business investments. Interestingly, he owns a hotel under the name Hotel Mahi Residency. The hotel is a one-off and does not have any other franchises, with its only brand located in Jharkhand. (Sujata cinema compound, Main Road Ranchi)

2. SportsFit Gym Chain

As we know it, Mahi is one of India’s fittest sportspersons and that pertains to his love-affair with the gym. Interestingly, Dhoni has invested in this too. The former Indian skipper owns over 200 gyms across the country, under the name SportsFit World Pvt. Ltd.

3. Mahi Racing Team India

Dhoni has a sacred place for bikes and it is very much evident from his insane bike collection. However, what’s interesting is that he also owns a racing team in the Supersport World Championship. This ownership is in partnership with famous actor Akkineni Nagarjuna.

4. Ms dhoni cricket academy

We dont need to justify that how much dhoni loves cricket and therefore he started this cricket academy for the world which has a lots of branches in different cities

So did you know these facts, tell us by commenting below. And share these facts with friends.

Source : Gqindia

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