Welcome Jamshedpur’s new delicacy – Pancakes and waffles @ 99 Pancakes cafe

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Ask any Jamshedpuriya “what are the top 3 things that they love and miss about this city?” and 1 common thing in every list will be food. The multicultural living of this city makes it one of the most diverse towns, when it comes to food and almost every variety of an Indian dish is easily available in its best form…

From the North Indian Mughalai to the best of South-Indian Dosas, From Punjabi Butter Chicken to Rajasthani thali, From Bihari Litti Chokha to Bengali Rasgulla; we have it all. But that’s just the “Indian special”

What’s not very common is the western style of brunch items, snacks, and desserts… The likes of pancakes, waffles, smoothie bowls, fondants, etc. However, the scene is changing and in fact, now the city has a dedicated pancake, waffles and smoothie café called the 99 Pancakes.

99 Pancakes is a new concept for the city and have come straight out of Mumbai to give us a taste of western standards of Pancakes, Waffles, Smoothies and refreshing drinks.

Here’re the reasons why you should definitely try this cafe once. (Cause once you try it out we won’t have to tell you again 😉)

  1. They have pancakes for all meals and moods: Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner… you can eat pancakes at any time of the day, especially when you have so much to choose from.
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  2. Pancakes are generally considered a healthy brunch but at 99 Pancakes they offer custom healthy pancakes options: So if you are calory counting, going out to this cafe is not an issue.
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  3. They offer mindblowing milkshakes and refreshing ice-tea options: Strawberry milkshake, Nutella milkshake, Peach Iced-tea, Melon Iced-tea are just a few tempting drinks… There’s much more that you can savor at this cafe but that’s for you to try…


  4. Pancakes combined with your favorite chocolates: Have a look!



  5. They are a renowned brand that is already successful in metro cities: With highly trained chefs and staff, the service at this cafe matches the best in the country and all of it in such pocket-friendly prices…
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    Phew… I can’t convince you anymore and if you are; visit them at:

    117, New Manashi Apartment,
    Straight mile road (Main road), New Baradwari

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