This man from Jamshedpur find the best use of Lockdown, Painted his home.

Nagesh Choudhury of our Jamshedpur city is popularly known as a corporate photographer who is associated with the corporate communications of Tata Motors Jamshedpur plant. Very few & rest senior artists of the town knows that he is actually a qualified artist & has a long fan followers across globe whose art works has reached almost every corner of the country & globe. In short he is an internationally acclaimed artist. In the virtual world he is popular by ‘Fankaar Nagesh’.
In this lockdown, where the entire world is working on COVID 19 vaccines & is taking precautionary measures to stay safe from the deadly CORONA virus. Apart from working from as per need Nagesh is busy in his little world using his valuable time in beautifying his small colony ‘Prakash Nagar’ located in the silent corners of the Telco Riverview Colony. He has willingly taken up a huge project to paint his very own campus & paint the wall stretching around 150’ which is roughly 6’ – 11’ high at different levels..

Isn’t it amazing?

What Do you think about this news?

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